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TruLeaf Medical's Approach

An Innovative Solution to the TMVR Problem

Our Solution

TruLeaf medical presents a breakthrough technology which enables a fully percutaneous procedure to replace a mitral valve, with no need to open the patient's chest, yet, in order to make this dramatic change, a paradigm shift is required and a sacred cow is killed.

A two step procedure makes TMVR a reality!

crossing profile is low, procedure is simple, anchoring is excellent, all hemodynamic problems are solved and  last but not least Valve life expectancy is the best ever.

Why I Chose a Career in Interventional C

What physicians say

Prof. Halkin:

“This technology should hopefully make TMVR simple efficacious and reproducible”   

Prof. Kornowski:

“This approach will fit a large number of patients, it will offer simplicity to the operator, very stable anchoring, and consistent results”

Successful Pre-clinical Study

TruLeaf has completed a large animal study with very good results and strong proof of concept.

We are now working on the detailed design and preparing for a Human study.

Happy Doctor
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